Speak Collaborates with OpenAI on New ChatGPT Plugins

March 23, 2023

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Speak today announced the private alpha launch of its new ChatGPT plugin in collaboration with OpenAI. Speak’s plugin enables ChatGPT users to more seamlessly access a version of Speak’s language tutoring experience directly through OpenAI’s chat product.

ChatGPT Plugins

OpenAI has publicly shared they are supporting plugins which are tools made for language models. These plugins enable ChatGPT to access live information or use other services when a user asks for it. Speak is one of the first plugins to launch in the ecosystem, providing a tailored language learning experience whenever a user is looking for a translation or explanation across languages.

To start, these plugins are only available to a small set of ChatGPT Plus users, and they’ll be rolled out over time through a waitlist. Speak has already begun testing its plugin with early users and iterating on its text-based learning experience to seamlessly fit the platform.


Plugins represent a meaningful new surface to deliver more tailored, application-style experiences than ChatGPT offers out of the box. They also offer a pathway to meeting users and their needs directly at the point of their search, minimizing the users’ need to move between applications to get high quality results.

Speak is excited to reach a new group of users, particularly in new countries, with its plugin as it continues to launch support across markets. Speak’s ChatGPT plugin also represents its first foray into teaching beyond English, which has been the primary focus to date. This collaboration with OpenAI is a key step in developing a more expansive language learning experience for users around the world.

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