Speak Shares Details of AI Tutor, Built on Top of OpenAI’s GPT-4

March 14, 2023

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Speak, a leading language learning platform that uses artificial intelligence to help people learn new languages, today announced details of its AI Tutor feature which is built on top of GPT-4, OpenAI’s newly released AI system. As an OpenAI Startup Fund portfolio company, Speak received early insights to this technology and has been using this more advanced model in production for more than two months.

Early Access to GPT-4

For the past two months, Speak has used GPT-4 in production to power parts of its AI Tutor feature, which allows learners to engage in open-ended conversations and get feedback on how native their language skills are across vocabulary, grammar, and more. "We're excited to have had early access to GPT-4 and to be one of the first language learning platforms to make use of it in production," said CEO and founder of Speak, Connor Zwick. "This technology is essential in providing our users with the most immersive and effective language learning experience possible.”

Benefits of GPT-4 and AI Tutor

Certain aspects of AI Tutor—particularly highly personalized and contextual feedback—could only be developed using GPT-4 as it represents a material improvement over earlier language models. “GPT-4 is able to generate text with a higher degree of accuracy and coherence, which allows for more natural, instructive interactions for learners,” said Zwick. “This in turn translates to increased user engagement and better learning outcomes.” Since its launch, users have started over 2M lessons powered in part by this new model. AI Tutor now represents one of the most important pieces of Speak’s user experience today.

There are a number of further applications unlocked by GPT-4 in active development that will be released over the coming months. Speak believes that the use of innovative technologies such as large language models will continue to revolutionize language learning, and is committed to collaborating with OpenAI and its technologies to lead this revolution.

For more information about Speak, please visit speak.com.

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