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This is godly!

I've tried various things to live a 'godly life,' but it always ended in a three-day wonder. Speak is the precious app that broke that cycle! I'm amazed at myself for muttering the sentences I learned!
blair lee

Honest review!

I love it! It gives you so much vocab but it's always digestible. You learn real Spanish sentences that you'll actually use! This is a great app.
Javen pace

Duo v Speak

I did 100 days on duo, its greate for grammar and vocab. But it will be awile before i become conversational using that. Just did day one with this, i will pair the two together. But so far, this will definitely get me to being conversational faster/ more effectively


I've tried for years to learn and i've learned more the past couple days than i have in years!!!

Great app that gets you speaking

This app has been great to get you speaking relevant phrases with instant feedback. It's also helpful to playback what you said so you can work on your accent and pronunciation.


I'm going on a trip to Puerto Rico, and unfortunately my friends said I can't speak like a no sabo. So this app really helped me improve my accent and pronunciation

Great app!

I have been learning Spanish for years. The things that always confused me are always cleared up in this app. I always had an issue with understand Indirect and direct object pronouns and thanks to this app I know how to understand them now.

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To speak a language, you have to speak it out loud. Speak users learn over 1000 phrases in their first week.

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Speak’s interactive mini lessons only teach phrases that matter for real life conversations.

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Learn from anywhere, anytime. Create your own conversation practice with AI. Get instant feedback on every sentence.

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